All of our HELPS programs grew in 2017. We are so happy with the progress we have made, and we are so thankful to you, our generous sponsors and donors, for helping us get this far.

H – Health and Housing

By the end of 2017, 1,777 children received normal  physical examinations to allow early detection of disease and to check for proper nourishment, 672 were treated for minor illnesses through the LCP clinic on Sundays, and 116 children received meals from the two soup kitchens each week day. The number of malnourished children in the program decreased from 53 to only 24 by the end of December. Community health education was successful with nearly 500 in attendance at 3 different sessions covering the impact of smoking, common colds, sanitation practices, and teen pregnancy. A total of 89 children benefited from the Children with Disabilities program through therapy,  medications, transportation for school, and other interventions.

The housing programs housed 60 children: 9 elementary aged boys in the Robert Hanson Home for Boys, 18 middle and high school aged boys in the Consuelo Home for Boys, 3 college aged boys in the Boys Independent Living Dorm, 24 girls in the Wee Women Home for Girls, and 6 college aged girls in the Girls Independent Living Dorm. The Residential Dorms continue to serve 60 children.

E – Education

Preschool served 116 children in 7 communities. School on Wheels served 37 children to catch up in their studies after being out of school due to neglect or lack of funds. 680 of our sponsored children were enrolled in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

As of March 2017, LCW/LCP boasts 272 total college graduates through the College Work Scholarship Program. 86% of our graduates are working, 9% are continuing their education, 4% have chosen to be full time parents, and 1% are preparing for their board exam. We are so proud of our graduates, and we believe education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty.

L – Livelihood

Livelihood maintained a consistent flow of sales from chorizo resulting in a profit of $2,396. The cards and other handmade products also brought in a good profit of $1,582. The pig dispersal program assisted 5 families, and 8 families are expected to receive piglets in 2018. We are working to create sustainability through livelihood programs.

P – Peace and Faith

Attendance for Sunday worship and Sunday School holds steady. 322 children participated in Vacation Bible School. The youth program, Yield Generation, continues to lead the way in community evangelism and outreach. Weekly Bible studies in all 14 communities help parents have Biblical knowledge and understanding to help raise their children with Godly principles. There are people coming to know the Lord every week and growing in their relationships with Jesus through the Peace and Faith Program.

S – Sponsorship

At the end of December, we had 718 sponsored children in our program. These children and their families are able to avail any of the LCP services as well as receive the funds allocated to them through sponsorship to help with rent, buying food, school needs, etc.  There are still hundreds of children on the waiting list for sponsorship.