“Our life before was very hard, and I can still remember my father just made little pesos for our needs, but not enough to sustain it. My parents could not afford to send me to school. Luckily, we have the LCP preschool, so I was enrolled there. LCP continued to support me through high school. Then I was granted a scholarship and graduated with my bachelor’s  degree.”

Mikee Beronio, LCP Graduate / LCP Staff


“I was nine years old when my father died. Life was not easy, and my mother tried hard to support our daily needs, but it was not enough. To be able to survive in Dumaguete, I sold peanuts on the streets until one of my relatives suggested I live in the Robert Hanson Home for Boys. Then, I was enrolled in the School on Wheels program until I finished my high school. Now, I am a third year college student through the LCP scholarship program.”

Robert Cadayona, LCP Scholar / SOW and Dorm Beneficiary


“I was a premature baby. I was only 6 months gestation when my mother gave birth to me. My body was not fully developed, especially my leg. My family did not know what to do, because we were just poor. LCP looked for donors for my prosthetic leg so I could be able to walk. I was able to join the sponsorship program to continue my education until they granted a scholarship for my college.”

Ricalyn Vensuelo, LCP Scholar / Handclasp Beneficiary


You can make a difference in a life just like someone did for Mikee, Robert, and Ricalyn. Little Children of the World has programs that address needs in all aspects of life. We use the acronym HELPS to best describe our ministry model: H – Health and Housing, E – Education at all levels, L – Livelihood, P – Peace and Faith, and S – Sponsorship. These are just a few stories of your HELPS. After 30 years of service and thousands of children and families in our programs, there are countless more stories just like these.

Help us give a hand up to a brighter future to those in need. Donate to any of our programs or Sponsor a Child to make a difference, today!