Falling sick in the Philippines can quickly lead to financial ruin, loss of livelihood or even death. Children are often pulled out of school to save money or to care for a sick relative. LCP sees healthcare, along with education, as key to alleviating poverty.
The Health Program of LCP exists to evaluate, monitor and improve the overall physical and mental health of all LCP members and staff. It is the goal of the program to initiate abuse and disease prevention and treatment programs for families who are at-risk. LCP also gives advice on family planning when needed.
Each child/youth is given yearly physicals as well as free treatments in the health clinic for sickness and injury. The clinic is open to all family members every Sunday providing free services of a doctor as well as the nurses. All fourteen communities have their own paramedics who are trained to monitor the health and well being of the members of their community and care for the malnourished children. LCP’s two nurses give regular training in the communities, make referrals to specialist, hospitals and provide medications when available. They also regularly check and provide vitamins for the dorm children as well as those in the two soup kitchens and seven preschools. The LCP Health Program is underfunded.