DO DREAMS REALLY COME TRUE? Yes, it happened to me in March, 2015. I had the privilege to go on a mission trip to Little Children of the Philippians with some really great people. I have served on the LCW Advisory Council for 19 years but this was my first trip to Dumaguete. My dream came true! I was in awe of everything . I saw many smiling faces of beautiful poverty stricken children and heard overwhelming gratitude for the help their families receive from LCP. I experienced many tearful, heart-pounding moments as I visited in the homes of sponsored children. Before I could only imagine what it was like through pictures and reports from others, but now the reality of devastating poverty was there before my own eyes. I lost my heart to these struggling people living in small houses often in great need of repair, sleeping on the floor on mats, trying to feed their hungry children and find ways to educate their children (only means to escape from poverty).

I, also, saw smiling children and parents so thankful for their many blessings from Jesus. Because of their love for Jesus, everything in their lives is a gift from Him. The God they love and who loves them could do no less. In their eyes, I saw contentment and joy. The little they have is a gracious gift from a loving God.

My heart was touched by the many children without homes, a mother or father, and so many needs. Help and hope can only come through a sponsor, like you and me. Please encourage others to make a difference in the life of a child by becoming a sponsor. It will give a future to a needy child and abundant blessings in your life. My life has changed. So keep dreaming, for in God’s time, your mission dreams will come true also. I was so blessed and pray I can go again to teach God’s word, to encourage the needy, to tell others of our Savior, and most of all, receive all those loving hugs from so many precious children!

– Sue