July 26, 2016 — The LCP Shelter Program provides 24-hour care for poor, vulnerable, abused, abandoned and disadvantaged children in crisis. Candidates for the shelters are recommended by LCP’s Residential Social Workers and approved by the LCP Council of Stewards. Children taken in to the shelters did not grow up with a loving family and caring environment, in fact many have been severely traumatized by their earlier experiences. LCP endeavors to help these children recover emotionally, through caring, healing and teaching services. Positive reinforcement is important in the dorms. Good behavior is rewarded in all the shelters motivating the children to be good residents.
These children are extremely grateful that people give money to provide them a loving home in the dorm where their personal needs can be met, giving them an opportunity to go to school and a way to learn that Jesus loves them. LCP has 5 residential shelters providing homes for 28 girls and 36 boys.
Please bring help and hope into the lives of these precious children and youth by giving money to support the Wee Women (girls) and Consuelo Dorms (boys). These dorms are underfunded and LCW needs your monetary gift today.