30 years ago Little Children of the World founders saw hungry, homeless, and forgotten children on the streets in Dumaguete City, Philippines. The ministry began by rescuing 8 little boys who had no one to love or care about them, giving them hope for the future. Since then, LCW has grown to minister to over 5000 people in 14 communities in and around Dumaguete City. Bold prayers and big dreams have gotten LCP/LCW to where we are today, and our work is far from done. Your generosity has enabled us to get this far, and we humbly ask you for your continued support. By giving to ‘Urgent Needs’ your contribution will benefit all of our programs that are in need.

Sunday mornings are a special time at Little Children of the Philippines. Bustling with excitement for the day 2000 men, women, and children gather to hear the Word of God. No one complains because many have walked several miles, sometimes taking up to 3 hours to arrive. People are just happy to gather for collective worship. They sit in plastic chairs and sweltering heat trying to squeeze under the roof of the open air chapel. Rain or shine doesn’t matter. Joy radiates through the air as the youth band leads worship with singing and dancing. Pastor Angelina Esquiredo brings the message with conviction, and by movement of the Holy Spirit, people make decisions for Christ, weekly. After church service, Sunday school small groups begin. Clusters of people gather in spare rooms, throughout the chapel, and under mango trees to study the Word together. Adult Bible studies are a weekly occurrence in each community and at LCP on Saturdays for the youth. LCP is truly reaching Dumaguete and beyond for the Gospel. The Peace and Faith Program is responsible for making this function. It is the most important program because it is making an eternal impact. This program serves over 2000 people for a cost of $555/week.  We currently have a deficit in Peace and Faith, so please prayerfully consider partnering with us financially to help us sow seeds for the Kingdom. Your gift to Urgent Needs will contribute to the Peace and Faith budget.

Amongst the beautiful craziness of Sunday mornings, the health clinic is bustling with people to see the doctor. A line forms outside the building as sick or injured patients wait their turn for treatment and medications. Simple illnesses can become very serious and even life threatening if not treated. Yearly, in the Philippines thousands of children pass away from curable diseases. Health problems we don’t think twice about can become seriously life threatening because most families cannot afford to see a doctor. The health program makes a difference by providing a free health clinic to families and individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford it. The health program runs on just $242/week. We currently have a budget shortfall in the health program. Please consider contributing to this vital program. Your donation to Urgent Needs will benefit the Health Program and you could help save a life today.

For the dorm kids living in the Wee Women and Robert Hanson dorms, Sunday mornings start early as the area around their home at LCP fills with people. They put on their best Sunday clothes and get ready for the day. The boys of the Consuelo dorm live just a few short miles away, so they are picked up and brought over to LCP for church. These children were once abused, abandoned, and living with no hope for the future until LCP stepped into their lives. Before LCP, two sisters lived on a public bus and begged for money because their father was a convicted murderer, mother abandoned them, and brothers abused them. This type of story is the norm for the children in the dorm programs. It is unimaginable to think what may have happened to these precious children without the LCP dorm programs and your compassionate gifts to keep them running. With your help, we are able to house, feed, and educate 65 children for only $18.50 per child/week. These children were once orphans, but now they have a home and a family at LCP. They are happy, healthy, and thriving now, thanks to your generosity. These three dorms are in need to meet the 2017 budget. Please help these dear children by donating to Urgent Needs to benefit the Dorm Programs.

We are answering the call to help the orphans, widows, sick, hungry, and poor. There are great needs still presenting themselves every day in Dumaguete City, Philippines. Seeing these needs, we are compelled to make a difference. Your gift to Urgent Needs will help all LCP programs, and will be such a blessing to the children. The Lord has been faithfully working for 30 years, and He will not fail now. Every gift makes a huge difference, no matter how large or small. Thank you for your continued financial support. Please pray about how God wants you to respond to these pressing needs, and consider making a gift to Urgent Needs to help all of these programs.

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