College graduation is a day that many can only dream about. LCW/LCP continues to make educational dreams come true through scholarships. Read this story of a scholar that embodies the goals of our programs.

“Hi there! I’m ROCKY BRUCE M. ALKUINO, an LCP scholar, graduate of Bachelor in Science in Hospitality Management class of 2018.

Before LCP, my parents worked so hard, were so industrious even with tired bodies, and they were always so loving, selfless, and caring. They tried to give us everything we needed, even if that left nothing for themselves. We had so many financial and food insufficiencies. My parents    often sacrificed their meal for us. There was nothing I could do to help them during that time, except to hold on to my will to finish my studies so I would be able to give back to them after graduation.

Facing such life obstacles is a struggle but, after so many prayers, God gave us relief through LCP. We joined when I was 8 years-old in 2nd grade. Soon after, I was sponsored. Sponsorship assisted my parents in supporting our day to day needs, in our personal, financial, and academic life. At LCP, we were involved in Bible studies, Sunday worship & service, Sunday school, fellowships, and community outreach programs. There were academic trainings too. We experienced these, little by   little, but they had great effects on our interpersonal, spiritual, and emotional development. Inspired by everyone’s  commitment and passion at LCP and by all blessings they gave me, I was determined to do my best and hold on to my ambition. With God’s grace, I was able to finish my primary education and my high school years.

I became a LCP trainee for 1 year, and I learned so much. In God’s plan, my sponsors, Bud & Stella Naifeh and Glen Clemens, and college donor, Dumaguete South Rotary Club, granted me an opportunity to reach my dreams in college. During that time, my father fell out from heat stroke, and my mother was diagnosed with stage 1 cyst on her breast. With these major health risks, there were many difficulties with it, and they could not work well. There were months that my family had nothing. It broke my heart seeing them that way. But with strong will, and determination, with my LCP family’s help, entrusting everything to God, we were able to overcome. My father recovered, my mom underwent surgery, and finally, I was able to finish college. Now, I’ve received my Bachelor’s degree, and I am ready to face the next journey in my life. I could not bear everything without the help of God and everyone through LCP.”

Little Children of the World is changing lives one child at a time through education. Lend a helping hand and break the cycle of poverty through giving a college education to a scholar like Rocky, today.