Sometimes children feel life is better on the streets than at home. Roswell is one of those precious children who was lost in a world of abuse, neglect, fear, and helplessness. He felt abandoned by his father who was sent to prison for selling illegal drugs, leaving his mother alone to support three children in one of the most depressed communities in Dumaguete. The children begged on the streets trying to survive. Discouraged and downtrodden his mother found another partner. He immediately began to abuse the children causing Roswell’s older sister to run away and Roswell and his brother, Reniel to live on the streets as much as possible.

If they were unable to earn enough money begging to provide food, their step father would physically and mentally abuse them. They lived in constant fear, as did their mother who was now pregnant by the step father. One day the Barangay Captain witnessed Roswell being beaten with a steel bar. This kind man took this precious little boy whose body was all bloody to find someone to help him. He also had the step father arrested and put in jail. Roswell’s anger raged against his mother also for he felt she abandoned her children and allowed this to happen. Roswell and Reniel were taken to LCP for safe shelter and healing. Through loving hands, counseling and prayer, both boys slowly began to heal. After four years at LCP, Roswell is now quick to say “I am in good hands.” His favorite scripture verse is Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the world.”

Roswell believes ” if God cares for the world he surely cares for me.” The LCP Hanson Dorm has become a safe haven for Roswell and he thanks God for the people who sacrificially give to provide for his and other boys’ needs. Having peace and harmony in his life is a special gift from God. He is studying hard in school hoping one day to be a policeman so he can help other children like himself. Roswell and his brother were given opportunities to stay away from the harsh reality of street life. It would be impossible to reach out to these suffering, helpless, hungry children without your help. PLEASE SEND YOUR GIFT TODAY TO SUPPORT THE LCP RESIDENTIAL DORMS SO OTHER CHILDREN LIKE ROSWELL CAN FIND STABLITY AND HOPE IN THEIR LIVES.