Little Children of the World, Inc. is strictly accountable for all funds received. It is incorporated as a not-for-profit service organization and holds the 501{c}3 status with the Internal Revenue Service. The money received for child sponsorship is sent, in monthly remittances, directly to the overseas project site for child services. All accounts are computerized at the Treasurer’s Office in Barnesville, Georgia. An annual audited report is prepared by Robyn Underwood, CPA, Barnesville, Georgia. A list of donors is published annually and mailed to all LCW donors together with the quarterly newsletter. A list of child sponsors is printed monthly on an Excel spread sheet, including the children currently sponsored and the type of payment arrangement chosen by each sponsor. This list is also sent to the Philippines each month with the monthly wire. The LCW Financial/Sponsorship Office is located in Barnesville, Georgia under the leadership of Glenna Waller, LCW President/CEO. This office is responsible for receipting all donations and preparing financial reports and budgets. The Barnesville Office also manages the Sponsorship Program, newsletters, Overseas Volunteer Program, and is responsible for website and social media updates.

2017 Audited Report
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