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LCP Health/Housing Program

The LCP Health Program strategically plans and implements essential programs in order to meet their objective, mission, and vision. The ministry objective is to promote optimal physical health of all LCP members including children, youth, and parents. Regular physical assessment for children and youth receiving sponsorship/scholarship is one among many of the health preventive services offered by the clinic. The assessments are scheduled by the LCP paramedics according to the child’s birth date. The LCP friendly care clinic staffs, after consultation with clients are given free medications (when available from USA shipments) through the aide of our LCP nurse. Dental services are also provided on limited basis. Training and workshops are provided to staff and paramedics on health preventives services. Loans are made to LCP members needing immediate medical assistances with a plan for repayment. Malnourished children are provided food and multivitamin supplements. They are re-evaluated every three months. Two soup kitchens in the most depressed communities provide daily lunches to 112 malnourished children along with multivitamins shipped from the USA.

The Handclasp Program helps children with different kinds of developmental disabilities, either inborn or acquired. This is accomplished through partnership with the Liliane Foundation, Rotary Clubs, Shriners, and other non government agencies (NGO’s) and LCW donors. LCP strives to help these children have equal opportunities – a gateway toward sustainability. When needed and finances are available operations are performed by specialist either in Manila or Cebu.

Housing started with response to a proposal sent to Habitat for Humanity in 2003, 100 homes were built in Dumaguete Balugo Community, for the poorest of the poor. Now, over 800 homes have been built. In partnership with Consuelo Foundation, 32 homes were built on the Bloomington Farm in 1997. Through the Good Samaritan Project Volunteers often do house repairs. LCW also has three residential dorms for children who are homeless or at risk.

LCP Education Program

In a country without compulsory education, LCW believes that all children should have access to education. LCW matches sponsors from around the world with children from poverty stricken families. Children growing up in a poverty sub-culture know that education can give them an opportunity to become a teacher, nurse, accountant, or any other selected career.

The School on Wheels provides an education to children not enrolled in public school. These children first through sixth grade come from off the streets, often dirty and hungry. They are taught the principles of reading, writing, and arithmetic. A focus has been on providing a well equipped library so children can borrow books for enjoyment and enhance their reading skills. Textbooks are sent regularly for the high school and college students. This resource is needed to prevent failure among LCP students. This has only been possible because of caring sponsors and donors.

LCP Livelihood Program

From the beginning of LCW/LCP it became important to focus on helping the people by teaching skills that would enable them to lift their standard of living and often just a means to survive. LCP has livelihood projects such as pig raising, meat processing, growing agricultural and fruit products. LCP members are also taught sewing classes and now make uniforms and book bags for students. Recently a commercial embroidery machine was purchased for quality greeting cards, makeup bags, eyeglass cases, and purses.

LCP Peace and Faith Program

The Peace and Faith Program provides opportunities, activities, and a loving atmosphere to participating children, youth and parents to learn Christian values, the core of LCW/LCP Mission and Vision.

The Peace and Faith program seeks to instill Christian values and commitment through Sunday School classes for all ages, worship services and Weekly Bible classes in fourteen communities, Saturday Youth Bible Study for high school and college students, Youth Choir, Youth Fellowship every first Saturday, and Evangelism in the afternoon of first Sunday of the month. Devotions are held in all 3 dormitories and staff devotions Monday-Friday.

A Sunday School of this magnitude requires a large budget to cover Sunday school materials, salaries for a small staff, transportation for non-sponsored children, Vacation Bible School, Teen Missions, Youth activities, training for 75 teachers and many other needs. Funds are always needed to maintain this program.


The LCW office in Barnesville ships needed items to LCP at least three times a year. Selected items are reserved for Birthday and Christmas gifts. A total of approximately 5,000 gifts are needed for Christmas so each person will receive a small gift. All items shipped are donated as well as the shipping cost.

LCP Sponsorship

The goal of this program is to meet the basic needs of poverty stricken children. The LCP community leaders and LCP staff identify children recommended for sponsorship who meet the criteria. There is always a long waiting list of children praying for a sponsor. Sponsors have the choice of a full sponsorship ($35 a month) or a half sponsorship ($17.50 a month). There are still over 300 children waiting for a sponsor to love them and care for them.