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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Sponsors
If you have signed up to sponsor a child, please send your check to Little Children of the World, P.O. Box 37, Barnesville, Georgia. Credit Cards are also accepted. Please call or email Marie Lou Abbott, Sponsorship Coordinator at 770-358-2771 or marielouabbott@littlechildren.org.  The LCW Sponsorship Office is located at 333 Sims Street in Barnesville, Georgia under the direction of Glenna Houk Waller.

“If anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones, …he will certainly not lose his reward.”
– Jesus (Mark 10:42)

What will I receive from sponsoring a child?
• Case study of your child and introduction letter
• Picture of your child
• Quarterly letter written by your child
• Answer from your child to any letter or package you send
• Annual progress update on your child
• Letter and receipt acknowledging payment from the USA office
• Sponsorship Manual
• Occasional Newsletter, called the SS Sponsorship
• Jericho Street Echoes quarterly Newsletter, mailed to all sponsors and donors
When and how do I make my payments?
Payments may be made monthly, quarterly or annually whichever you prefer. You will receive a receipt after each donation or once a year with your total contributions, as instructed by you.
Payments should be sent to:
Little Children of the World, Inc.
P.O. Box 37
Barnesville, GA 30204
What happens when sponsorship payments lapse?
Your sponsor child is very dependent on your sponsorship for the basic necessities of life. When the sponsorship payment is late, sponsors receive a reminder letter from LCW. Contingency money is very limited, but can be used temporarily. If payment is not received by the fourth month LCW will be forced to drop the sponsorship. If the sponsor has unexpected financial difficulties, by calling the sponsorship office something can be worked out. We ask for sponsors who have to drop to please help us find a replacement quickly.
How many years does a sponsorship continue?
It is entirely up to you. As a general rule, we encourage sponsors to see the child through high school if possible. However, some sponsors cultivate a special bonding with their child that sometimes carries them even through vocational school or college.
How much of the sponsorship money goes for administration?
Fifteen percent of the sponsorship stays at Little Children of the World to administer all the programs, run the office, publish fundraising newsletters such as Jericho Street Echoes and SS Sponsorship, receive and pack all donations, receive all financial donations and make sure each dollar is managed according to the donor’s wishes, manage all correspondence for over 700 sponsored children, fund raise for the ministry and manage all files in accordance with standard audit/office procedures and much, much more.
When the money gets to LCP, 65% is then deposited into an account for the sponsored child. The remaining twenty percent is used for child services such as social workers, youth assistants, sponsorship correspondence, home and school visits, pictures, reports, updates to sponsors, bookkeeping, audited reports, operational expenses, and access to all the LCP HELPS Programs (Health, Education, Livelihood, and Peace and Faith, and Sponsorship) So, between the direct and indirect services, the children receive far more than 100% of the sponsorship monthly payments.
What child services does my sponsorship cover?
A full sponsorship ($35 month) covers the basic needs of the child, including preventive health care, education and Christian nurturing. The family of the sponsored child enjoys the privileges of membership in LCP, which includes opportunities for livelihood, leadership training in the LCP community, tutorial opportunities as needed for their children, used clothing, family assistance for medicines and medical care when available, Bible studies and Christian fellowship in a close-knit and caring community.
What type of gifts should I send? What if I want to send money?
Money is always appreciated since the families can purchase most of the needed items in Dumaguete. Money for gifts can be sent to the LCW Georgia Office address below and it will be wired to the Philippines in the next monthly transfer of funds. Monetary or other gifts are especially welcome for the child’s birthday, school supplies (May) and at Christmas (No later than Dec. 1). DO NOT SEND CASH OR CHECKS TO THE PHILIPPINES (Cash may be stolen and checks cannot be cashed in the Philippines).
The exchange rate for the pesos to the American dollar is approximately about 44 pesos to $1 and the cost of most needed items are cheaper in the Philippines. Therefore, most of the time your dollars purchase much more there than in the U.S. A gift of $25 is a average gift. Some example prices of goods in the Philippines are as follows: dictionary $5 small and $11 large, book $7, child dress $4, teenager dress $10, child uniform $17, college uniform $20, small car $3, book bag $12, watch $14, shoes $17, t-shirt $5, birthday cake $12, eating out at Jollibee or McDonald’s (dinner for one person including transportation $6.00).
If you would like to purchase specific items with your donation, please inform the Georgia Office when you send your money and it will be designated for that purpose in the next monthly wire to LCP. The Sponsorship Social Worker will oversee the purchase of the requested items.
Send your checks to:
Little Children of the World, Inc.
PO Box 37
Barnesville, GA 30204
If you wish to send a gift, the most basic items are lightweight new and gently used clothing, dictionary, books, children’s chewable vitamins, band-aids, first aid kits, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs and hairbrushes, small backpacks, simple calculators, pens, pencils and pencil sharpeners, inexpensive watches and cameras, and compact mirrors. Other gifts include small stuffed animals, small dolls, toy cars, and hair bands and ribbons. Gifts for other members of the family are also appreciated.
How do I send special gifts to the Philippines?
These are reliable Filipino Shipping Companies we use that will ship a large box (5 cu ft) to the Philippines for $95 regardless of weight. Customs fees are included in the charge. Allow two to three months for delivery. Please contact our office for further information.
You may also send lightweight items by air mail and heavier items through surface mail which may take up to three months. A customs fee may be charged on pickup. Also if you use the US Postal Service, the child/parent may be charged a customs fee to receive the package. Often the customs fees are expensive and the child’s family may not be able to pay this amount and will not be able to receive the package.
Please allow 2-3 months for your package to reach Dumaguete. If the gift is for school, birthday or Christmas, please send it 3 months in advance of the desired delivery date to ensure that the child will receive it on time.
If you would like for LCW to include your gift in one of our shipments to LCP, please send it to the Georgia Office address in clear ziplock bags with the child’s name on the outside of the bag. Please include a list of items in the gift and the cost for your in-kind receipt. Please also include a donation for the shipping fee with your gift. LCW ships the first of March, August, September and December. These shipments also take 2-3 months to reach LCP so send your gift in the shipment that will ensure its arrival at the desired date.
What is the Philippine mailing address for packages?
Carmenia Benosa, LCP Executive Director
Little Children of the Philippines, Inc.
Claytown, Daro
Dumaguete City
Philippines, 6200
Where do I submit my change of address or contact information?
Marie Lou Abbott/Vice- President of Administrative Services, Sponsorship Coordinator
P.O. Box 37
Barnesville, GA 30204
EMAIL: marielouabbott@littlechildren.org
What is the address for writing my sponsored child?
The children love to receive letters. Letters and pictures can be sent to your sponsor child at:
Little Children of the Philippines, Inc.
Attn: (Childs Name)
Claytown, Daro
Dumaguete City
Philippines, 6200
What if I have questions about my sponsored child?
Little Children of the World
Marie Lou Abbott/Vice- President of Administrative Services, Sponsorship Coordinator
P.O. Box 37
Barnesville, GA 30204
EMAIL: marielouabbott@littlechildren.org or call (770) 358-2771
What are other ways I can help my sponsor child/family?
Encourage your child and family to abide by the LCP rules of sponsorship (SWAP 10 hours of service with a purpose), participate in Sunday School, Worship, Community Bible Study, and Federation meetings. Encourage your child to attend school regularly, study hard and do homework to prevent failing grades. Failure to keep their commitment to LCP could result in loss of sponsorship. Encourage your friends, family and church to sponsor children on the priority waiting list. There are currently over 300 children waiting to be sponsored.
Are my contributions tax-deductible?
Yes, contributions to Little Children of the World are tax-deductible. LCW is a 501 (c) 3.


Sponsoring a child will take them out from the grips of poverty and help give them a second chance at life! Sponsor a child today!

For more information about sponsoring a child please call our office at 770- 358-2771.

Or email Marie Lou Abbott, Sponsorship Coordinator at marielouabbott@littlechildren.org

Also, check out our Sponsorship Manual with all of our information!

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