LCW/LCP’s Housing Program

Typical Housing in the Philippines

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A typical Filipino home is made with banana wood and bamboo. A thatched roof is usually constructed using banana leaves. Usually the home only has one room. The comfort room (bathroom) is located outside the house. Most homes do not have running water or electricity. The children who live in LCP’s dorms come from these types of homes or from the streets.

The Dorms

LCP has five residential dorms. They are the Wee Women Dorm, Hanson Daro Boys Dorm, Consuelo Boys Dorm, Taclobo Independent Living Boys, and the Independent Living Girls Dorm. These children are victims of extreme poverty and/ or neglect, as well as vulnerable to abuse.

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If you would like to donate to the Residential Dorms, please make all checks out to: Little Children of the World at P.O. Box 37 in Barnesville, GA 30204. Please write in the memo that its for the Residential Program. If you’d like to donate with a credit card, please click here.      

For more information please call our office at 770-358-2771.