Pre-School girls at graduation

Preschool girls at graduation.

Preschools are located in 7 of the 14 communities. The four year old children receive preparation for public schooling. This gives them a good foundation to start their formal education. All the students receive a daily nutritional meal. Often this is the only meal these children have all day. For more information on the Preschool program please click here.




School On Wheels
Pre- School at LCP.

Preschool at LCP.

School on Wheels (S.O.W.) targets children 8- 13 years old on the street and not in school. This program offers them non- formal education 3 hours daily for 10 months. For more information about LCP’s S.O.W. program please click here.





Graduating LCP students.

Graduating LCP students.

The College Work Scholarship Program provided by sponsors/donors covers tuition, school transportation, projects and uniforms. Students can also select a vocational school (TESDA). LCW is always a hand- up, not a hand- out. All recipients serve 10 hours of SWAP (Service With A Purpose) per month. Click here for more information of the College Program.