Bringing Hope to Kyle

Kyle Elgen Acop lived with his mother and father in a very small house made of native materials, no electricity, no water, and no comfort room (bathroom). They cooked outside and used a candle or kerosene lamp at night. Despite the poverty and distance, Kyle walked to school every day;

Upcoming Luncheon

On Saturday, October 29, LCW will be hosting their annual sponsor and donor luncheon at First Baptist Church of Barnesville. Before the luncheon begins, LCW will also be hosting a Silent Auction at 10:30. Make sure you come by early to check out the items up for auction. At the

LCP Shelter Program

July 26, 2016 — The LCP Shelter Program provides 24-hour care for poor, vulnerable, abused, abandoned and disadvantaged children in crisis. Candidates for the shelters are recommended by LCP’s Residential Social Workers and approved by the LCP Council of Stewards. Children taken in to the shelters did not grow up with

A Life Forever Changed

July 18, 2016 — Theresa Sojar first came to LCP in her daddy’s arms with a bone disease called “Valgus Disease”. Through the “LCP Children with Disabilities Program” she was given a chance to undergo an operation that enabled her to be able to walk. Happily she then started Preschool.

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