About Us

What is Little Children of the World?

Little Children of the World is a Christian ministry dedicated to helping street children and children at risk in the Philippines through sponsorship, scholarships, and programs addressing urgent needs. These children are victims of extreme poverty and/ or neglect, as well as vulnerable to abuse. LCW brings help and hope to more than 700 children and ministers to over 5000 people.


Map of the Philippines

History of Little Children of the World

Little Children of the World (LCW), LCP’s USA-based sponsoring agency, is a not-for-profit Christian service organization incorporated in October of 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia for the purpose of addressing the plight of street children in the developing world. The LCW founders were Dr. Douglas and Bettie Elwood, Peggy and Dean Houk, and Luther Carroll. LCW seeks financial support for LCP programs and provides management oversight and program guidance. It promotes and publicizes LCW programs, activities and achievements, investment management, and facilitates communication between sponsors and sponsored children. The governing boards were created: a Board of Directors and an Advisory Council. The members represents a broad geographical expanse ranging from Hawaii and Washington in the West to Massachusetts and North Carolina in the East. A LCW Endowment Fund was later established for sustainability.

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LCW Founders (Bettie Elwood, Luther Carroll, Peggy Houk)