• Keep your calendars open!

    Join us for our annual sponsor/donor luncheon on October 29.

  • Health and Housing

    LCW/LCP’s Health and Housing Programs help many needy children and their families with medical care. They also house abuse and neglected dorm children.

  • Education

    LCW/LCP provide education opportunities on all levels, from preschool to college.

  • Livelihood

    Participants in the Livelihood Program learn life -long skills to provide an income for their families,

  • Peace and Faith Program

    The Peace and Faith Program is the core program of LCP. This program teaches the people of the Philippines about Jesus.

  • Sponsorship

    Hundreds of children are still waiting for a sponsor. Many have been waiting for years. You can bring help and hope to a child in need through sponsorship.

You can change the world one child at a time…

Little Children of the World is a Christian ministry helping at risk children

in the Philippines through sponsorship, programs, and scholarships.

Latest Blog Posts

Barnesville’s Got Talent

On Saturday, October 1, 2016, Little Children of the World hosted Barnesville’s Got Talent as it annual fundraiser. The stage at the Lamar County Fine Arts center was graced with many dancers, comedians, singers, and groups.                   The show also had a

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Upcoming Luncheon

On Saturday, October 29, LCW will be hosting their annual sponsor and donor luncheon at First Baptist Church of Barnesville. Before the luncheon begins, LCW will also be hosting a Silent Auction at 10:30. Make sure you come by early to check out the items up for auction. At the

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LCP Shelter Program

July 26, 2016 — The LCP Shelter Program provides 24-hour care for poor, vulnerable, abused, abandoned and disadvantaged children in crisis. Candidates for the shelters are recommended by LCP’s Residential Social Workers and approved by the LCP Council of Stewards. Children taken in to the shelters did not grow up with

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Success Story: LCP Sponsored Youth Open “Lokal Organic Café” in Dumaguete City

July 20, 2016 — Roland and Juliet Albon, two of LCP’s College Scholars recently opened a café in Dumaguete City. The two siblings were inspired as young people to obtain an education, trust in God, and dream big. They first began operating a family welding shop. Juliet also worked in

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