• Health and Housing

    LCW/LCP’s Health and Housing Programs help many needy children and their families with medical care. They also house abuse and neglected dorm children.

  • Education

    LCW/LCP provide education opportunities on all levels, from preschool to college.

  • Livelihood

    Participants in the Livelihood Program learn life -long skills to provide an income for their families,

  • Peace and Faith Program

    The Peace and Faith Program is the core program of LCP. This program teaches the people of the Philippines about Jesus.

  • Sponsorship

    Hundreds of children are still waiting for a sponsor. Many have been waiting for years. You can bring help and hope to a child in need through sponsorship.

You can change the world one child at a time…

Little Children of the World is a Christian ministry helping at risk children

in the Philippines through sponsorship, programs, and scholarships.

Latest Blog Posts

2017 Annual Fundraiser

Save the Date!! Little Children of the World, invites you to LCW’s 2017 Fundraiser, presenting BABBIE MASON in Concert, Saturday, November 4, at the Lamar County Schools Fine Arts Center. There will also be a Silent Auction beginning at 6 p.m. Purchase your tickets now online by clicking ‘donate now’

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Message from Glenna Waller, LCW President

Message From Glenna Waller, LCW President It is hard to imagine almost half of 2017 is already gone. Wow, where is time going? This year has been most eventful. In March, it was a blessing to be in the Philippines to see the milestones of educational successes from Preschool through

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Because You Gave, We Were Saved From the Streets

Sometimes children feel life is better on the streets than at home. Roswell is one of those precious children who was lost in a world of abuse, neglect, fear, and helplessness. He felt abandoned by his father who was sent to prison for selling illegal drugs, leaving his mother alone

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Bringing Hope to Kyle

Kyle Elgen Acop lived with his mother and father in a very small house made of native materials, no electricity, no water, and no comfort room (bathroom). They cooked outside and used a candle or kerosene lamp at night. Despite the poverty and distance, Kyle walked to school every day;

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